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How Phone Users Can Avoid Roaming Charges Overseas

Skygo 01/31/19

Many people in the US choose to holiday abroad and find that they have a hefty phone bill waiting for them when they come home. Wherever you go, from Europe to Canada and even further afield, you need a way to avoid roaming charges overseas making your return home even more depressing than usual. With a…

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Keep Your Phone Bills Low and Avoid International Roaming Charges

Skygo 01/21/19

Can you manage a few days without your mobile phone? A decade ago, you might have said, “Easy!”, but now the demand for you to be online every hour of the day means that hardly anyone can go without the internet for more than a few hours, never mind a whole day. In fact, you…

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Roam Around the World with the Best International Data Sim Card

Skygo 01/11/19

If you have been on holiday in the recent past, you will already know that it can be extremely costly to use your phone’s data roaming capability overseas. Some users have been charged over $1.25 a minute or $20 for data access per megabyte. This can rapidly amount to a great deal of money. You…

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Should You Use An American Travel Sim Card?

Skygo 01/04/19

If you are planning to go abroad this year, then you will need to think hard about how to manage your mobile phone connections. In the last few years, the use of mobile phones for every little communication, from social media to texts, has increased exponentially. If you don’t think that you can enjoy your…

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How to Avoid Roaming Charges Overseas

Skygo 07/30/18

Traveling overseas can be expensive. The airfare alone can be quite pricey. Beyond that, there’s so much to see and do, if you’re on a trip with family and friends, you’re going to have to shell out plenty to see it. Even if you’re on a business trip, you’re probably going to have pay for…

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Plain Simple Mobile International Sim Card

Skygo 07/23/18

At first glance, there’s no simple mobile international sim card. You travel overseas, and you’re at the mercy of whatever the internet is wherever you are. Maybe you’re somewhere where there’s a strong internet connection, but you probably won’t be. That means you have to deal with whatever the internet is around you. So, you…

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More Reasons Skygo is the Best Mobile Hotspot for International Travel

Skygo 07/02/18

Maybe you’ve heard someone say that Skygo is the best mobile hotspot for international travel. There are so many different mobile hotspots to choose from, but very few high quality ones. Most end up promising way more than they end up delivering. All too often, someone gets a mobile hotspot and then goes on an…

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