Enjoy Skygo
& Voice Calls for those traveling to North America.

Say hello to international connectivity.

Activate Skygo

Skygo delivers high speed data and voice connectivity
anywhere you travel and at the lowest rates. Avoid excessive
roaming fees and slowed down data speed. If you're traveling
to the US, for example, Skygo's connectivity is on high speed
data 4G LTE network with UNLIMTIED data and voice calls.

Data speed and stablility is critical in today's smartphone
culture and with Skygo, it is a true UNLIMITED solution. Skygo
users do not have to worry about speed slowing down
after a few hours of use. It's simple and simply a smart choice.

Learn How It Works

skygo phone unlimited data

How Skygo Works

Start using Skygo from anywhere in the world in just 4 easy steps!


Choose Plan & Complete Your Purchase

Take Skygo with you and make phone calls from anywhere in the world.

Choose Plan


SIM Installation

Once you recieve your Skygo SIM, insert your Skygo SIM card into your smartphone SIM slot.



Activate Your Skygo Plan & You're Ready To Go!

Your phone is ready for use at the designated region. It's as simple as that. No more roaming and slowed-down data speed.